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About the Water Filtration Experts at Aqua-Clear Water Treatment & Plumbing Services


Aqua-Clear Water Treatment & Plumbing Services is a local Saugerties water filtration and plumbing company. We have been serving the Hudson Valley area since 2006. Our goal is to ensure you have the best possible water quality in your home or business. Everyone deserves to have easy access to fresh, clean, and safe water.

Our professionals are highly trained plumbers who have extensive experience in dealing with some of the most complicated water filtration systems. However serious your water condition may be, we have the solutions which will eliminate the problems.

We work directly with quality manufacturers so we can provide you with affordable service and high-quality products, whether you need a water heater or system for water filtration. Our products are at the forefront of water treatment technology. For instance, we specialize in chemical-free water treatment systems to handle sulfur, iron, and clay.

We go the extra mile to provide our customers with a free water quality test and consultation. If you live in the Saugerties area and are concerned with the quality of your water or just want peace of mind, call us today.

Water Filtration & Plumbing Services We Provide

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