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Installing Point Of Use Drinking Systems

Point Of Use Drinking Systems

Point of use drinking systems in Saugerties are much more affordable than buying bottled water. If you trust your home or business water supply enough for bathing, doing laundry, and cleaning, a point of use drinking system could be a better choice.

With this water filtration system, you'll have instant clean water at your kitchen or bathroom sinks. Aqua-Clear Water Treatment & Plumbing Services can install a point of use water drinking system for you. Our quality products are long-lasting and easy to maintain. You'll have a better filtration system than those that attach to the end of your faucet. And, you'll have high-quality water than you can get in most bottled water.

Point of use drinking systems cost less than whole-house water softening and filtration systems. They are most often installed under a kitchen or bathroom sink. They provide delicious, fresh and clear drinking water on demand. Our water treatment company has several choices in quality point of use drinking systems for your home or business.

Inline Water Filters

Inline water filers can both condition and purify your drinking water. They are installed between the line which carries water to your faucet and the faucet itself. Our inline water filters condition the water to remove hard water sediments. It also purifies the water by reducing chemicals like chlorine, heavy metals like lead, bacteria, and cysts.

Point Of Use Reverse Osmosis Systems

The reverse osmosis point of use system is installed under your kitchen or bathroom sink. It comes with a separate dedicated faucet. This water filtration system works by forcing water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane with a series of pre-filters, the water then flows into a storage tank for use whenever needed.

The RO point of use filtration system can remove bacteria, cysts, sediments, lead, dissolved solids, heavy metals, chemicals, chlorine, and odors.

Finding The Right Point Of Use Water Filtration System

Our technicians will need to visit your home to conduct a water quality test and site assessment. The test first determines the water hardness, then the water will be tested by a laboratory for microbial, inorganic or mineral contamination, and organic or other substances.

Our plumber will also perform a visual inspection of the plumbing, fixtures, and appliances. We'll figure out the water demand of your household or commercial business. We'll then analyze the results and make recommendations on the type of point of use filtration system you need.

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