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Providing Quality Plumbing Repairs

plumbing repairs saugerties nyIt isn't always easy to find a good plumber who's local and proficient at plumbing repairs in Saugerties. Unless you already know someone who is ready and experienced to fix your plumbing problems, call Aqua-Clear Water Treatment & Plumbing Services.

If you live in Saugerties or own a business here, keep our number handy for those surprise moments when your plumbing doesn't work. At Aqua-Clear Water Treatment & Plumbing Services, we offer competitive rates for plumbing repairs and other plumbing services in Saugerties and the surrounding areas.

Our highly skilled residential and commercial plumbers are available to help you solve all types of plumbing problems. Whether you have leaks, clogs, frozen pipes, or need a line replaced for a water well or remodeling, we are the local Saugerties plumbers to call.

  • Residential Plumbing
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Water Line Installations
  • Plumbing Leak Repairs
  • Water Softeners
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Water Purifiers
  • and more

Leak Repairs

There are times you will have problems with your fresh water and wastewater lines. Any number of problems can cause a leak. Just hard water alone can corrode the inside of certain pipes that are vulnerable to corrosion. It can also corrode your faucets and other plumbing fixtures. If you need water line repairs, you may also need to replace a section of pipe. We can help you whether it's a small leak repair or an extensive pipe replacement.

  • Freezing Pipes
  • Shifting Soil
  • Heavy Vehicles/Equipment Driven Over Pipes
  • Buildups of Waste
  • Corrosion
  • Tree Root Penetration
  • Digging

Plumbing Fixture Repairs

Faucets, tub spigots, shower heads, and toilets only last so long. Sometimes it's just a toilet flush valve or a faucet washer that needs replacement. Sometimes an entire toilet or faucet will need to be replaced. Aqua-Clear Water Treatment & Plumbing Services plumbers would be happy to help you with your fixture repairs. We'll make sure you have quality plumbing fixtures that will last.

Residential & Commercial Water Heater Repairs

Having a reliable New London plumbing contractor on your side will make all the difference when if you ever need water heater repairs. Aqua-Clear Water Treatment & Plumbing Services can help you properly maintain your water heater or replace it when it's time. We have quality heating systems for residential or commercial use. We can also install combination boilers and other gas boiler products from Navien.

Why Choose Us For Plumbing Repairs in Saugerties?

When your plumbing problems get you down, call Aqua-Clear Water Treatment & Plumbing Services. We don't just come out and fix the pipe or break up a clog. Our water filtration and plumbing repairs team gets to the root of the problem to find out what's causing it.

We can fix leaks, replace faucets and other fixtures, replace your water heater, fix your clogs, replace pipes, repair wells, and much more. Our Saugerties plumbers offer flexible scheduling during evenings and on Saturdays to take care of your plumbing repair needs.

If you are looking for a reliable plumber for plumbing repairs in Saugerties, NY or nearby, please call 845-943-9945 or complete our online request form.

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