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Water Softener, Acid Neutralizer, and Ultraviolet Purification System in West Hurley, NY

February 13, 2024

Here we had a client who is looking to sell their property. When a potable water test was taken during the process of the sale the client found out that they had the presence of coliform bacteria in their water as well as Acidic Water and Hard Water. Our plumbing pros provided a solution which included installing an Acid Nutrilizing Filter to raise the pH of the water to a neutral level followed by a Water Softener to remove calcium and lime deposits from the water We finished off this Water Treatment System by installing a UV Light to protect this water system from the Coliform Bacteria that had been found in the water. After the installation was complete a follow up water sample was taken to the lab and confirmed that the Coliform Bacteria was no longer present.

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